Second Opinion

second-opinionIt is always a good idea to get a second opinion when diagnosed with a certain condition.
Because some conditions might seem the same at first glance, but when we take the time and look further we often come to a different conclusion.
Keep that in mind when you have been diagnosed, treated, and there is still no result or improvement in your condition.

Since the “final” diagnosis determines the specific treatment a patient will receive, a second opinion by a specialist is a good idea for patients, especially if you feel stuck in your current treatment.
At Fysio Huis we believe that the best treatment plans come from a multidisciplinary team, and that’s why we diagnose the complicated cases in a team of two or three specialists at once!

A group of our specialists discussing your case who all come from different training will provide the best treatment plan ideal for you given your particular situation.

Many patients worry about telling their doctor they plan on seeking a second opinion, but they should not. Most doctors are comfortable with the request, as it is common for patients to seek a second opinion. Please provide us with all the information, imaging, reports, and information prior to your arrival.