Our Therapies

Welcome to our home on the web, where we share with you our research, experience,and thoughts behind how we integrate rehabilitation, performance, and health.We are here to help you and your loved ones to feel better, move better, and perform better.
Our goal is simple – share what we have learned over the years and what we are currently learningtoday.

We deliver hands­on quality care to help restore, maintain and promote optimal physical function,health, and sports participation. Our service provides assessment and treatment of your injury,exercise programs, and advice on returning to your daily activities.

A full list of services offered at Fysio Huis:
Physiotherapy; Manual therapy; Osteopathy; Second opinion; Chronic care; Pilates; Yoga.
Back and neck pain; Sport injuries; Headaches; Overuse injuries.
Home visits and treatments in Amsterdam; Personal one on one approach; Geriatric care;Lymphtherapy; Nutritional advice; Tailormade weightloss programs; Grouptherapy;Joint mobilisation and manipulation; Soft tissue release; Sports massage; Deep friction massage;
Trigger point releae; Muscle energy techniques; Posture­ work station set up; Ergonomics; Injury prevention; Warm up and exercise advice.

Exercise, like hands on treatment, form the back bone of physiotherapy treatment.
A specifically tailored exercise program that is designed to meet the needs of the patient is oftenkey to the success of treatment. Some of our experts offer acupuncture as well as dry needling asan adjunct to traditional physiotherapy treatment techniques. They are all registered members ofthe KNGF, NVMT, CKR, and more.